Premarital Counseling Indianapolis

Premarital Counseling

Are you planning to get married? Then taking part in premarital counseling with Marriage Counselors of Indianapolis before you say I Do is the best thing you will do!

Why getting married is a huge step forward in your life and you need to do it with your eyes open. With premarital counseling, you can go into the marriage with realistic expectations about how married life will be.

After you work with one of our premarital counseling therapists, it helps you as a couple to understand why you are getting married to one another.  Furthermore, you will know how to diffuse any conflict along the way.

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What is a Relationship?

We all know how fairytales end with the happy ever after and you want to have the ever-life that does not end up in a divorce.

Still, marriage is not a fairytale or based on luck, and takes more than commitment and hard work to not get divorced.

With the insights you get from Indianapolis couples counseling, it will help you to understand each other.

Furthermore, it helps you both as a couple to grow together and as an individual to provide each other the space needed while still appreciating each other's views.

“We told our parents they had nothing to worry about. Trevor and I were made for each other. To set their minds at ease we went to Marriage Counseling Of Indianapolis. Our parents feel happier, and Trevor and I are even closer and looking forward to our big day.”

- Trevor and Bell (Primm)

Why Go to Premarital Counseling in Indianapolis

At the start of any relationship, you live in a fairytale. But you can quickly get sucked in by those feelings and not see one another as you should.

Premarital counseling will help you enter a marriage with the right expectations. With Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis, our therapists will show you the patterns you might not see in your relationship.

It helps to go into a marriage knowing the bad, the ugly, and the good things about each other to prevent friction along the way. In addition, by preparing yourself, you can avoid future issues.

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What is The Solution?

An essential thing in any relationship is having an insight into yourself and one another.

The journey of having insight is not easy, but with premarital  or grief counseling, you can have a helping hand to help you along the way on the right path.

At Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis, we have professional premarital counselors with experience to help.

Our therapists handle any therapy session compassionately to help you find a path to a successful marriage instead of just jumping into it.

Contact us NOW. Our team of therapists is available and ready to help.

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