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Grief Counseling

At some point in your life, you will experience grief and loss.A bereavement is a form of grief that involves the death of someone, while grief is a reaction to the loss of someone or something. Both of these entail different feelings, from anger to sadness.

Yet, adapting to your loss can vary from one person to another. Here at Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis, we know how overwhelming grief can be and are here to help.Contact us to schedule your appointment or book an appointment online today.

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Explaining Grief

Many people would tell you you experience grief after losing someone close to you. Still, grief is not limited to death and can go hand in hand with many other things.

You can experience grief when getting divorced, losing a job, or the loss of a pet or even a friend. Hence, if you lose anything important in your life, you can experience grief, leading to depression.

The Symptoms of Grief

Okay, regarding grief symptoms, there is no handbook to explain the emotions. For each person, the feelings they feel are different from one to another. But bottling up those feelings can leave you paralyzed and make it difficult to function daily.

With that in mind, you do find common grief symptoms displaying that you are going through a loss:

  • You can feel depressed and cry frequently
  • You are left feeling numb or even shocked
  • You can feel lonely and start isolating yourself
  • You may have a feeling of guilt or even fear of anxiety
  • Your grief can lead to substance abuse and losing interest in daily activities

Many of the symptoms mentioned can be the same as those found in depression, and it can turn into a depressive outbreak if not resolved.

"A while ago a very dear friend of mine died in a car accident. We were friends from high school and very close to each other. I felt the loss of losing a friend and could not accept her death. I was angry and grief took over my life. So I decide to talk to a grief counselor and also joined a grief counseling group that helped a lot."

- Marinda Knox (Indianapolis)


How Can Grief Counseling Help

When people talk about grief, many say it is all about processing your loss.

Hence, it would help if you worked through all your emotions.

Thus, with the help of grief counseling and working through those emotions with a therapist, you can move forward with your life.

Instead of your memory constantly feeling lost, the counselor helps to rewire your brain to remember someone or something you lost positively.

Grief Counseling Indianapolis IN

The therapist will discuss your feelings or emotions during your grief counseling sessions.

At the same time, the grief counselor will provide you with coping techniques to help restore your life.

While no one or anything can replace your loss, the way you deal with your loss moving forward can make a difference.

If you or someone is experiencing loss and grief, even bereavement, it helps to talk to someone.
Contact us today to learn more about Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis grief counseling.

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