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Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Janet desperately wanted to help Claire, her sister, who was fighting depression. So Janet invited Claire to come to live with the family to recover.

Janet decided that she wanted to treat Clair to her favorite meal. Everyone sat down to enjoy a meal together as the smell of food lingered. As Claire picked up her fork to eat, everyone kept a watch full eye on her.

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She took the first bite and, to everyone's astonishment, spit it out, saying it tasted like nothing, and burst out in tears.

Yes, depression has robbed Claire of even her taste. No, she is not rude, but depression and anxiety are both complex mental disorders. Still, fighting depression is not only as easy as cheering a loved one up. No depression is complex and is not only going through the blues.

While anxiety is not only a case of jitters, these two illnesses are commonly suffered by many people worldwide. With the symptoms' longevity and stringency, it is sometimes challenging for people suffering from it to cope daily.

Yet, treatment options are available by working with a therapist and a treatment program. So, if you or another person you know is going through addiction, anxiety or depression, it is time to reach out for help.

Our therapists at Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis have the experience in anxiety and depression to help.

Explaining Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are two distinct yet separate illnesses but often accompany each other.

The truth is that half of the people diagnosed with anxiety will receive depression in their lifetime.

For example, when you look at anxiety, it seems like you are sitting on a rocking chair as it gives you something to do, but you do not get far.

Yet both these illnesses do not have a regular cycle experience with ups/downs. Instead, it is a mental illness with diagnostics and symptoms.

Anxiety is described as follows:

  • People experience acute pressure worrying more on certain days than others for six months.
  • People experience different complications, but they can manage their anxiety, which can lead to the inability to control their worries.
  • Both adults and children can experience anxiety leading to tiredness, restlessness, not sleeping, irritability, inability to concentrate, and muscle tension.

Furthermore, when it comes to depression, therapists need to keep a close eye on patients as the symptoms are not the same for all.

One person can experience sleeplessness while others always feel tired. The same applies to eating, as one person eats all the time while another does not.

The symptoms of a Major Depressive Disorder are as follows:

  • Acute feelings of guilt, self-hatred, despair, worthlessness, or hopelessness.
  • A person feels lost in their daily life, not parting in the fun things in life.
  • Weight gain or loss with different sleep patterns.
  • A person has a diminished active life to always feels bored.
  • The person can have suicidal thoughts.

"When I was very young my brother had an accident in the lake when we were swimming and he drowned. I felt responsible and with time depression took over my life even if my parents said I was not to blame. They made an appointment with a depression therapist at Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis that helped me deal with the loss and work through my problems."

- Caren Gable (Indianapolis)

Counseling for Anxiety and Depression Indianapolis

Here at Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis, we provide advanced depression treatments, including anxiety.

Our therapists provide multi-faceted treatments for patient care comprising anxiety and depression.

We monitor the patient's symptoms with frequent symptom monitors to provide multi-faceted care programming.

One treatment might involve medication like SNRI or SSRI to help with symptom relief to heal.

Another holistic care approach is using Cognitive Behavior Therapy to equip patients with healthy coping skills.

If you feel ready to take on your everyday life to relieve anxiety or depression, our therapist will meet with you.

When you contact Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis, you need to wait on a long list for an appointment. So get in touch with us today.

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