Infidelity Counseling Indianapolis

Infidelity Counseling

Nothing is more hazardous to the health and a relationship than an affair. The fact is infidelity can be fatal.

Yes, the deception of an unfaithful partner can drive you up the walls and ruin your relationship.

It leaves the betrayer and betrayed confused, and the feelings of the future become uncertain.

Infidelity Counseling In Vegas

Many questions need answering, and affair recovery is not a realistic one. Any couple that has dealt with an affair knows what destruction it can cause. It leaves you with a feeling of grief and loss that becomes overwhelming.

“I met a man at work that rocked my world, and my relationship with my partner suffered. I came clean and admitted how I felt about him, but it was only an emotional affair. I felt so bad but still loved my spouse. We decided to go for infidelity counseling to see if you could save our marriage. Things went up and down, but today, we are happy we made that choice and still love each other dearly."

- Elaine Lewis (Indianapolis)

Do You And Your Partner Have The Following Questions:

When an affair takes place, there can be a common reason that couples go to therapy after infidelity. But one of the things we here at Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis here often hear from patients is:

  • Why did you do that? Am I not enough for you anymore?
  • I cannot believe anything you say anymore.
  • You have rocked my world with this affair.
  • I am going through a roller coaster of emotions.
  • Nothing feels right anymore. I want a change in my life. 

Yes, there is a lot of emotional pain after an affair, leaving deep wounds. The feeling of ordinary feels impossible, and you cannot return the trust easily lost. How can you ever return to the way things were, as nothing seems the same?

The Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis Approach 

After Going To Marriage Counseling Vegas Valley

When you visit us at our offices, we will assess the concern to find a solution to move forward. One way to do this is to work with each one individually or as a couple.

We do this process because there is no fast fix to infidelity recovery. As a couple, you cannot just get over an affair to move on. Our therapists honor that to work through the different stages to help you and your partner cope.

An affair can leave the betrayed in shock, disbelief, and even grief to distrust, as these are common post-infidelity reactions. The truth is that these feelings each have a place during the recovery process. Still, for most couples, an affair is not always wholly destructive.

During the therapy sessions, you will learn to cope with your pain. In addition, it is a time of rebuilding specific areas of a relationship. With hard work and hope, infidelity recovery can help with relationship reconstruction.

Are You Ready To Start With Infidelity Recovery Therapy?

Deciding to start with infidelity counseling in Indianapolis is the hard part. You may have had to convince yourself or even your partner to come for help. But the good news is you did it.

Getting set up at our Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis office is very easy. We will walk with you when you are ready to make the first move. Contact us now to schedule your first appointment with one of our infidelity therapists. Next Premarital Therapy

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