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Stress Management

We live chaotic life, and we all experience stress occasionally.

Yes, stress is part of their daily life for some people, and sometimes it is not manageable.

Prolonged or extreme stress can lead to numerous health problems.

So, our question to you today is - are you a worry-wart? Do you feel overwhelmed with stress daily?

Are you avoiding people and places or even doing things out of anxiety or fear?

Stress Management Indianapolis Counseling

Maybe all those what-ifs questions are running through your mind.

Or you get angry most of the time. Do these things sound familiar?

Then you are most likely dealing with stress to an anxiety disorder. The good news is that it is treatable.

You need not live with your stress longer, as Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis can help.

Chronic Stress is Treatable

Here at Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis, we have many techniques to treat stress. Still, some are more effective than others, and sometimes we even combine some treatments.

During stress management counseling, our therapists primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help treat stress systems like anxiety. Together with mindfulness and stress management methods, it helps to treat stress.

After determining the cause of the stress, we can figure out what method will work best. Our stress management counselors might also recommend a lifestyle change like exercising or participating in yoga.

"I work as a doctor and it was slowly draining me. As a doctor, I need to deal with different things and one of them was losing a patient for the first time. I became stressed as I thought about what happens if another patient dies. As I did not want to make it a personal thing where I work, I decided to go for stress management privately to work on my problem and overcome the fear."

- Mark Rourke (Indianapolis)

Different Forms of Stress

When looking, stress comes in different forms, from pressure at work, finances, or at home. But you can also find social anxiety stress that differs from the rest.

You can find some people with a combination of stress issues. But people that have social anxiety can see specific triggers and have different treatments to management techniques used.

So, if you find yourself all worked up in public places, fear public speaking, or even feel stress in a group setting, you might be dealing with social anxiety.

Another huge difference between social anxiety and other stresses is that you might have low esteem or a self-image problem causing the disorder.

The Symptoms of Stress

When you have a stress disorder, many symptoms relate to feeling anxious. Some common symptoms are as follows:

Life Coping With Stress Vegas Valley
  • Always have tension in your muscles
  • Headaches to Migraines
  • Stomach Problems
  • Constant tightness in the chest
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Tired or finding it difficult to fall asleep
  • Your mind keeps racing, and you cannot focus
  • You have short-term memory loss

Let Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis Help You With Stress Management

If you relate to any of the symptoms mentioned, you are dealing with chronic stress, which is treatable.

So, if you experience those symptoms daily and can recognize your signs, a good starting point is to join our stress management counseling sessions.

We have licensed and professional stress management therapists in Indianapolis to help.

Becomes stress-free today by contacting our offices or booking an appointment online now!

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