Addiction Recovery Counseling Indianapolis

What is Addiction?

Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis has several addiction and recovery counselors standing by to help with treatments for:

  • Gambling
  • Compulsive Shopping and Eating
  • Alcohol to Substance Abuse
  • Sex Addiction and more

If you feel unsure, we have experience in this area with training to help you on the road to recovery.

Addiction Counseling Indianapolis IN

"Where does one start? I had a gambling addiction that ended with alcohol abuse as I gambled out my livelihood. My marriage was on the rocks, but I had a loving wife that held on to our marriage. I went for an individual therapy sessions, and we are slowly rebuilding what I lost."

James Wayne (Indianapolis North)

Essential Facts to Know Concerning Addiction and Recovery Therapy

Here at Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis, we provide licensed addiction counseling.

We work with adolescents to adults with life enrichment counseling to overcome their addiction which can cause divorce .

Whether you, a family member or another person you know needs substance abuse counseling, take a few simple steps to contact us today.

Are You Ready To Take Some Simple Steps With Addiction Counseling 

Recovery Counseling InVegas

If you want to establish care for a loved one or yourself, we can help with counseling for substance abuse and other mental health issues. Yes, we know addiction is scary but follow these easy steps to get help with counseling for individuals or even couples counseling.

Contact us to make your first appointment and meet with our skilled and caring counselors for individual counseling sessions. You can work towards recovery to start building the next chapter of your life.

There is Hope For Addiction 

Regarding addiction, no matter the form of habit, we can treat you for drug abuse, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, and more. Marriage Counseling of Indianapolis provides professional therapy to help get you back on the road to sobriety.

We provide intensive group therapy, individual therapy sessions, and other health services. Our mental health professionals are waiting to take your call. So please get in touch with one of our therapists today to start walking the road to recovery.

Dictionary definition of the word Addiction.
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